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The new Eddie Izzard DVD/Video is out now, and is of course mostly notable for the fact that I’m in the audience!
I’m told by friends who were there with me, that if you know where to look you can see us. Of course we were sitting in the middle of the fourth row right in front of Eddie.
I was actually disappointed by the performance at the time, so maybe I’ll like it better when it’s trimmed down a bit.
The show was only a couple of weeks ago in Eastbourne, although I must tell you that getting from and two London in time for the show and back before transport stops is particularly tricky.
We got a sixish train from Victoria which ran slowly, only reaching Eastbourne at about 8.08pm (for an 8.00pm start!). We ran to a taxi which zipped us to the theatre, and fortunately he didn’t start anywhere near on time. We were right at the front and it was as well that he didn’t start promptly as we’d never have made it to our seats.
Then there was the slight issue that the last train had left before the performance ended – and there was no way we could get out early. We went to the taxi rank by the station where a cabbie looked at his watch and told us he couldn’t get us to Brighton for the last train from there for certain in time, and that it’d cost us 40 quid anyway. He also couldn’t guarantee us getting into a B&B for the night – it being November.
He could get us to Gatwick but it’d cost 70 quid. We hummed and haaed, and then phoned a minicab firm who quoted 40 quid to Gatwick, and he made such good time, that we actually caught the train from Brighton that we’d missed (the same train we’d have connected from Eastbourne from in the first place). All told it was a good value journey!