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BBC Internet Services

Mediaguardian has a fascinating look at what the BBC are planning for their digital services. I really hope the BBC get their player up and running before the end of the year, although I’m still slightly concerned that Demon still don’t allow access to BBC Broadband (or rather the BBC and Demon haven’t met one anothers requirements). Since the BBC is licence fee funded, they don’t want anyone apart from UK residents accessing their broadband streams, and as such, there are only certain ISPs with availability.
Demon has not come to an agreement with the BBC for some quite complicated reasons – or so they seem every time I look them up.
It’s safe to say that the same will be true with the BBC’s player.
Still, compare and contrast with Monday’s New Media Diary which was predicting trials slightly earlier than November. The other interesting part of that article was the idea that you’d be limited in the number of plays you could make of a given file. That suggests that rather than streaming the media, they’re thinking of downloading it first, and thus making use of peer to peer technology to ease the burden on the Beeb’s servers.