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PS2 Online

Much excitement on Sunday, when I finally got my PS2 online. I bought the adaptor… ooh… back in May last year. Registered, and then borrowed a copy of SOCOM to try to get online. Unfortunately, while I was able to register, using my good old crossover network cable, unplugging it from my other PC, seemed to throw a spanner in the works I progressed no further.
Of course I promptly forgot my “handle” and password, and so when I tried again with SOCOM II at the weekend, I was completely in the dark. Sony’s nice system for recalling passwords didn’t help because I wasn’t sure of my username, or indeed, which security question I’d answered. Finally, a couple of calls to their helpline furnished me with everything, and I got it online successfully.
Do I feel a bit on an idiot sitting on the sofa with a headset on? Uh, yes! But it’s fun. Of course it’d be even more fun if I had the faintest idea what I should be doing. Just need to put a load of time aside to learn the finer points now, and that way I won’t get shot within seconds of starting the game.
Still the headset is USB and seems to be recognised by my PC OK, so if I get my act together with one of these Voice over IP systems, I should be able to have conversations using it via Skype or something.