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Waterstones and David Icke

Waterstones has a new promotion in store at the moment, in which their staff have chosen their 150 favourite books which are displayed prominently in store, and press adverts highlight individual books accompanied by specific recommendations by staff members from around the country. (A brief aside here – I’m really not convinced that this is a completely unbiased list. I’d guess that some titles couldn’t be included for various reasons, particularly as there’s a 3 for 2 offer on the titles included).
All well and good, and it was pleasing to see Alan Moore and Dave Green’s Watchmen as one of the books on the list. But I was horrified in the Oxford Street/Tottenham Court Road branch to see a title by David Icke. In particular it was Tales From The Time Loop. Now I’ve got no problem with David Icke’s nonsense being available (I am slightly concerned by all the four and five star reviews it gets on Amazon, but I suspect that this is par for the course with these kind of titles, as those “true believers” rush to give it good reviews), indeed I’d be terrified if it wasn’t, but being included on the Waterstones list? I can only assume that this was an error by the local store. Either that, or there’s a member of staff at that branch who’s particularly keen on his alien conspiracy balderdash.
I may just pay the massive Piccadilly branch to double check.