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Great Short Films

Oh it’s so unfair – some people are so talented.
I followed this link (via Ben Hammersley) to see a personal plea from one Chloé Micout for a job working for Joss Whedon (the man behind Buffy and Angel).
The site is a short personal plea to be given a job as well as several shorts she has made. Two in particular I really liked. Match shows some great techniques and style, that had me enthralled (even if it’s all in French, and my comprehension is a little less than perfect). But then I saw À Travers Elle which is something of a showcase, grandstanding several different types of film one after the other. You see a romantic drama, then a Buffy type pastiche complete with demonic makeup, followed by a frightening accurate realisation of a Big Brother reality programme that leads neatly into a news anchor before finally ending on a totally believable pop video.
The website, incidentally, serves the video in either Windows Media or Quicktime, in a variety of bandwidths. There is also a Making Of and even an Out-takes Reel.
Given that the Making Of reveals different DV CAMs, loads of lights and even Steadicam gear, and the news anchor segment was shot in front a professional green screen, I’d suggest she has some very good friends in the industry.
Oh, and Chloé stars in most of the films herself, directs, edits and is even responsible for the special effects. Her CV seems to suggest that she does her own websites, being well versed in everything from Flash to PHP.
I think she must be the perfect woman. Puts my little home videos (which hitherto I’d thought were OK) to shame.