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The Charts/Top of the Pops

So it’s all change with both the Radio 1 chart show and Top of the Pops.
The chart show (remember, that’s the CHART show), is going make the chart countdown just a “minor part of a wider chart show”. Umm, right, yeah. Why exactly do people tune into a chart show? To find out where singles are placed in the chart, and to discover what’s number one. You also know that you’re going to hear all the said records, even the ones that mightn’t ordinarily get playlisted by Radio 1 (few though those might be). Someone also seems to have sold in to JK & Joel that getting just the one show a week rather than their previous two is somehow a good thing.
In the meantime, Top of the Pops is getting sidelined over to BBC 2. And it’s being moved to Sundays. It’s unclear at the moment where exactly it’ll sit, but the official press release talks of it being in an extended foramt. I imagine that it’ll follow on sometime after the chart has been announced on Radio 1 at 7.00pm. But then they’ll have to do that week’s charts which means that the whole recording process and live studio audience will have to change considering that they’d then have to either have live links or make the whole show live – surely unllikely. Obviously there’ll be strong cross-promotional opportunities.