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Dr Who Recommissioned

Dr Who’s already got a second series (free reg. reqd.) and a Christmas special.
I’d suggest that Mediaguardian’s spin on Ecclestone and Piper not returning is a fuss about nothing since, as the article says, there’ll have been options for at least one more series written into their contracts at the outset.
[UPDATE] Erm. It seems my “suggestion” is wrong and Ecclestone has actually quit with reports that David Tennant will be stepping into his place.
This raises a couple of questions:
1) Why did he take the role in the first place if he wasn’t up for doing at least a couple of series? You don’t normally go into a recurring series with the aim of leaving so quickly do you? Unless that was the plan all along.
2) And why did his contract not stipulate more work than that? In the US options for a five year stint would be normal, although actors can get out of it early, they’re not popular if they do so!