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I went to see a recording for the new series of Genius this week. It was at the Cochrane Theatre and it was raining outside. Very soon, it was raining inside too. I’m reliably informed that producing such an effect on demand would have been very expensive. The Cochrane Theatre’s roof made it very cheap doing it for real.
Dave Gorman notes the recording here.
After the performance some people went up to the bar to say hi to Dave and his guest Chris Addison. One girl had her photo taken with Dave and Chris. She then mentioned that these would be going straight to positions one and two in her photos league table. What? Who else did she have photos of? Well Sir Trevor (“Trev”) had been bumped to number three. And Ant and Dec had been pushed down to four. She’d met them at some party she’d gatecrashed and they weren’t too happy with having a photo taken. I was unable to establish if Ant and Dec had been standing the right way around.