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VOIP Phone

I’ve played around quite a bit with VOIP but thus far, I’ve not really embraced it. A while back I mentioned that I’d seen Tesco selling cheapish phones accompanying their own VOIP service. Today I crossed over to the darkside and went into Tesco where I noticed a sign that suggested that the phones had been reduced to £14.97. Never one to turn down a bargain, I popped one in the basket (also managed to get a football shaped mug with some PG Tips and a “limited edition” World Cup Coke glass). But when the total was rung up, I noticed that it was priced up at £19.97. Once I’d paid, I had a close look at the receipt; Tesco, like other retailers has this annoying habit of announcing, with a fanfare, all the savings you’ve made at the end of your transaction, rather than as the items are scanned. So it was possible that the fiver would be at the bottom in terms of a “saving”.
It wasn’t, so I did that terribly un-British thing, and questioned it. Assistants went to check, since the display was in line of sight of the till. It seemed that the offer should have expired on May 14, but someone had neglected to remove the sticker. Fine, I’ll get my fiver back.
Off to customer service, where the problem was explained. But instead of just crediting me with the fiver, they gave me all my cash back. Cool. Free VOIP phone then.
Of course, even with a fiver’s worth of credit, I really wanted the phone for either Skype or GoogleTalk. James was able to point me in the direction of the drivers, and all seems to work fine. And I can feel somewhat better, safe in the knowledge that I’ve cost Tesco a few quid today instead of vice-versa.
Now I just need to try GTalk2VoIP.