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Yes Man

Now a general rule of thumb I’ll always make when deciding if I’m going to read a book is this: if Davina McCall gives the book a ringing endorsement, then it’s probably not for me. (As an aside, I learn with shock that some publishers are actually embossing the Richard & Judy Bookclub logo on their books rather than the more traditional, and eminently removable, sticker. To those unfortunate enough to have such a title in their possession, I can only recommend placing a “3 for 2” sticker over the top).
But I made an exception for Yes Man, because I’d quite liked Danny Wallace’s previous book, Join Me. This time around Wallace decides to say Yes a bit more, with over the top consequences. We get a year in his life and there are some real ramifications of doing it. Obviously, we get the humourous take on things, and you’re always slightly suspicious that as the costs are stacking up, they’re going to mitigated somewhat by the book deal. I’m being unfair though. Of course you want him to travel around and do off the cuff things. I wasn’t entirely convinced by some of the cod religious stuff (Did he really meet a reincarnation of Jesus on the back of a bus? Or was he actually just a teacher with a positive frame of mind).
However, I can happily recommend this book which has some laugh out loud moments that certainly made some of my fellow tube passengers think I was mad.