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Prison Break

Prison Break finished airing on channel Five this week, and I really liked it. It’s another serial in the style of 24 or Lost, where you really don’t want to miss an episode. If you did miss it, the perfect way to catch up is on DVD, but as usual, we’re being ripped off in Britain.
A couple of weeks ago Prison Break season 1 part 1 was released in the UK. With an “RRP” of £34.99, it’s around £25-27 online for the first 13 episodes. That’s a strange place to break the series, since there are 22 in the season, so the part 2 box set will only have 9 episodes. But in the US, the full season 1 is being released at the start of August, with a rough price of £29.99. Oh, and it’ll have commentaries and stuff which the British release doesn’t. The full season which is also getting a release in August in the UK may well have them. But if you bought part 1, you’ve been ripped off.
I really hate this part 1/part 2 nonsense we’re getting in the UK with DVDs. They tried it with Lost, and I bet a lot of people who bought part 1 now regret it. Not that it’s stopping – season 2 part 1 gets a release in July. Wait until October and the full season will be available in the US, and probably here around the same time. Except the US version will be cheaper.