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Polling Figures

Fascinating piece in this morning’s Guardian with a new poll showing the Tories leading Labour by nine points now. Tony’s got to be worried. How long’s he going to hang on and let the Tories extend their lead?
What I find especially interesting are some of the other questions that were asked at the same time.
When it comes to potential terrorist threats against this country, do you think that the government…
Exaggerates the threat 21%
Tells the truth about the threat 20%
Tells less than it knows about the threat 51%
Don’t know 9%

So only 20% of people believe that we’re being told the truth about terrorist threats in this country? Well a number of people have now been charged, but it’ll be a couple of years before they finally come to trial and we learn the truth.
Oh, and it’s great that you can get full details of the poll at their contractor’s website, ICMresearch.