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“Ultimate Play The Game” T-Shirts

Inspired by Makezine, I tried out my new Speedart Fabric Screen Printing kit this weekend to make an “Ultimate Play The Game” T-shirt. I’m sure Rare will be delighted (You do remember Ultimate Play the Game don’t you? They made some groundbreaking games for the ZX Spectrum like Jetpac, Atic Atac and Sabre Wulf in the early eighties before becoming Rare). It took longer than I thought, with a three stage process all requiring long drying periods to just make the screen.
The cap in the picture is a vintage original one picked up at some long-forgotten ZX Microfair at Ally Pally or somewhere, and was used to supply the logo.
Overall I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. The red version is my favourite although I had to print onto it twice and not getting the two versions quite in line has left it with a slight blurring effect. The t-shirts were 3 for £12 at Burtons.