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Digital Music Awards – Vote Rigging

The Digital Music Awards are now a fixture in the world of radio, and each year they canvas for votes from the public to pick their favourites in various categories, including “Best Radio Station”. The only problem with that is that the most popular seems certain to win. And when I say “popular” I mean, the most listened to station wins.
So all the competing stations do everything they can to get people to vote for them.
This year the shortlisted stations are Pulse Rated, BBC 6 Music, Gaydar Radio, Ministry of Sound Radio, and Launchcast. On all those sites (except Launchcast), you’ll find a highly visible pink logo linking to this page where you can vote for a station.
So, in effect, the award is basically a measure of which station can mobilise the most listeners into visiting the DMA website. That’s another kind of competition altogether. This is a commercially run competition complete with sponsors. And I know that BBC 6 Music at least, has run on-air trails to get listeners to go online and vote.
Somehow, I prefer a judged competition, even if that kind of competition has its own shortcomings, with judges probably only hearing a one hour CD of the station rather than settling to down to actually listen.
Oh, and before anyone says anything, my employer has been nominated for this award in the past and has put links on our website and in our newsletter. I do believe we stopped short of canvassing for votes on-air though.