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Times Online TV

There’s been a bit of media coverage of a deal that The Times has done with its sister company Sky News, leading to Sky’s news being available on “Times Online TV” a streaming video service available on The Times’ website.
Aside from the fact that this is surely not really news – two sister companies working together – I was more surprised when I had a bit of a look at the Times Online TV service to see what else it had. A lot of the video is supplied by Reuters, and perfectly good it is too. But aside from a Sky News tab, there’s also a Fox News tab. Surely that really doesn’t help The Times does it? Rabidly right wing, with it’s famous “fair and balanced” nonsense strapline. Just about the first story on the site in the US News section gives a fair indication. It’s a follow-up piece from a few days ago following an interview on Fox News with Bill Clinton, in which Clinton vehemently defended himself against accusations that his administration hadn’t done enough to look for Osama Bin Ladin. The piece even featured the reported words of Fox News Chief Roger Ailes in a self-reverential manner.
Maybe the service will next start using The Sun for its entertainment service?