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Multiple DVDs

I really am getting fed up with DVDs being constantly re-released in Directors’ Cuts or whatever, with additional extras all the time.
Case in point is Alexander, the Oliver Stone film. Now I didn’t think it was all that bad – certainly better than most gave it credit for. It came out a double-disc DVD of the theatrical release. This was swiftly followed by a single-disc Director’s Cut which actually shortened the running time a little (although additional material was included, other footage was cut), and didn’t give you all the extra features that the first release had.
Seemingly Oliver Stone has been unable to leave the film alone, and we now have Alexander Revisited: The Unrated Final Cut. Running to 220 minutes, it’s by far the longest version – 45 minutes longer than the original theatrical release. This is seemingly the final version of the film.
Calling it “Unrated” isn’t especially accurate, since it’ll have to be rated to be released in this country. Films can be released unrated in the States, but that’s not really relevant to a British audience.
Stone is glad to have had the opportunity to release this new version according to the press release. As well he should be. Why didn’t he get it right for the Director’s Cut? Actually, why didn’t he get it right for the theatrical release?
Anyway, we get to the nitty-gritty of the whole thing when we learn “The DVD release date of Alexander: Revisited is timed to leverage audience anticipation of ‘300,’ the action-packed theatrical release from film and comics visionary Frank Miller.”
Look forward to the HD-DVD Supreme Edition of Alexander, and the Total Edition on Blu-Ray, available in a couple of months’ time.