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Sunshine (Part One)

Thanks to Gia, I saw Sunshine last night at a bloggers’ screening. There are strange rules coming down from Fox that say I can’t “review” the film until March 26, but can say how much I liked (or otherwise) the film in the meantime.
So this is just a trailer of a review until I write the fuller version.
I’ve been looking forward to this film for ages, being something of a Danny Boyle fan (can we please have a UK release of the wonderful TV film Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise). I was also lucky enough to get a set visit to this film nearly two years ago. I did hint at this back in May 2005 but rather annoyingly that entry seems to have disappeared. Basically a friend at work took me with her down to Three Mills Studios for a set tour organised by Fox. But I shall say no more until the full review because some of what I saw does impact on the storyline – not that I’d spoil it.
In short, it’s a great film that looks absolutely stunning. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack – I only found out that it was by Underworld who’ve got “history” with Boyle having contributed to both Trainspotting and The Beach.
What’s it like? Maybe a cross between a Event Horizon and 2001. But it is different.
Well worth checking out.