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Please Can We Have A Moratorium on Size Zero Shows

I’ve got a brilliant new idea for a TV show!
As someone who always like to catch the zeitgeist, I know I’m onto a winner. Any TV production companies reading who might be interested in this potentially brilliant idea, get in touch forthwith. Sky One, Living and Five are bound to be interested!
What I’ll do is get some young person – maybe a celeb, or maybe a journalist – and get them to go on a crash diet, getting themselves down to the fabled “size zero”.
You’ve got to admit it’s an incredible idea!
What do you mean, it’s been done before…? Hang on… You’re right!
Just last night Channel Four aired Superskinny Me: the Race to Size Double Zero, in which “two journalists tried out extreme diets.”
Still, there’s no problem making the same show twice is there? Viewers are simpletons, and they appreciate seeing the same programmes remade over and over.
What? This is already a remake? You’re right again!
Last month ITV1 showed Louise Redknapp in The Truth About Size Zero, in which the ex-singer (and WAG), spent 30 days getting down to said size zero.
Still, two documentaries is hardly a trend is it? What? There was another one? You’re right again!
In Super Slim Me on BBC Three in February, writer and presenter went on an extreme diet to get down to size… You probably know the rest.
So please. Can TV producers think about something else now? We’ve had enough of these documentaries now. And no more puns on Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me please.
[UPDATE] BBC2 is repeating the BBC3 programme tonight. Oh joy.