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No Idea

Read this.
This is quite easily the single worst “scientific” article I can remember ever reading. I really simply don’t know where to begin.
Why is it acceptable for journalists on a national newspaper to write about science when they clearly have no qualifications, background or plain and simple knowledge of the subject? In any other sphere, you’d be laughed out of court if you came up with such nonsense.
I’ve got the paperback of Richard Dawkins’ God Delusion at home in which he expounds on the dangers of religion. I’ll withhold judgment until I’ve read it, but to my mind he’s going after the wrong people. It’s the singular lack of scientific understanding that’s the biggest problem society faces today. [Update: It seems he pretty much said precisely this at the Hay Festival] It took until the 18th century before England stopped trying witches, but it might as well be witchcraft that explains how some of these ridiculous new-age pseudo-scientific devices work.
I think it pains me that The Independent should publish such nonsense because even though I don’t read The Independent as much as I used to, I’ve still got issue 1 bought when I was at school, and I’ve always thought of it as a paper of my time.
I will be buying it tomorrow in the hope that plenty of letters appear pointing out the error of its ways.
[Incidentally, while Googling around to find out when the last witch was hanged in England, I was aghast to discover that the last person to be tried under the British Witchcraft Act was Helen Duncan in 1944. If we bring the act back, can we lock up that stupid lot over on Living TV from Most Haunted and other shows, to prevent them, oh I don’t know, giving away troop movements in Iraq or Afghanistan?]