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Alisher Usmanov

Hello lawyers at Schillings! (I’m pretty sure, there’s nothing illegal, libellous, or defamatory on this page, but be sure to let me know if you think otherwise! Send me a comment. You and your client have certainly done us all a favour by drawing attention to the man).
I’ve no idea if they’ll read this or not, but it seems that they’re having enormous fun at the moment busily shutting down the websites and blogs of people who don’t like new Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov.
Have I mentioned that I thoroughly recommend Craig Murray’s book Murder in Samarkand?
I’ve just pulled my copy off the bookshelf and Usmanov is referred to on pages 56, 207, 283 and 366. He used to be Prime Minister of Uzbekistan.
This is the man who wants a blocking share of Arsenal, so aside from anything else, he’s someone I’m very interested in, as every Arsenal fan should be.
There’s loads about this elsewhere at the moment, and I’d start here and here.
NB. At time of writing, both Craig Murray’s and Boris Johnson’s websites are still down.