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I’m really looking forward to Bladerunner: The Final Cut, essentially a big DVD boxset that’ll be the final version of Bladerunner, a classic SF film that’s definitely up amongst my favourites, but which has a troubled version history.
But it’s a little disingenuous, for Ridley Scott to claim to claim that he has an aversion to remakes.
I’m a massive Ridley Scott fan, and despite the horror that was A Good Year, it’s great to see him back on form with American Gangster, but he was clear when there was a director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven, that it was done for marketing purposes (Note: Wikipedia refers to a Total Film interview about the extended DVD being made as a result of paying too much attention to preview audiences, but I distinctly recall Scott claiming marketing reasons being behind the release in a TV interview. This was around the time, for example, that Oliver Stone’s Alexander was being released in numerous versions. Unfortunately, I have no source for this).
Anyway, roll on the 3 December release, and hopefully I’ll be able to see it in the cinema too.