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I moaned the other day about how Hollywood movie studios seemed more interested in awards than the piracy of their films – hence the existence of “Screener DVDs” which inevitably end up being made available on the internet.
Anyway, one positive side effect of this scramble to win awards is that all the studios put together sites promoting the awards you think their titles should be considered for. And these sites now include PDFs of the films’ screenplays. So you can download free and legal copies of most of the big films 2007 (and early 2008 in the UK).
So here are a few sites you might want to visit, although be warned, you don’t want to spoil films like Juno or No Country For Old Men by reading the scripts in advance.
Miramax – includes No Country For Old Men and Gone Baby, Gone
Paramount – includes Sweeney Todd and Beowulf
Foxsearchlight – includes Juno and Waitress
Universal – includes American Gangster and The Bourne Ultimatum
Focus – includes Lust, Caution, Atonement and Eastern Promises
Paramount Vantage – includes The Kite Runner and There Will Be Blood
Warner Bros – The Assassination of Jesse James and Michael Clayton (note – Warners don’t seem to have scripts or indeed much information beyond screening location details)
I couldn’t find a link to Fox’s awards website.