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A few weeks ago John Naughton explained some his reasons for not accepting comments on his blog. And I have no problem with that. Although it’s a lot easier for me to correct errors if comments are allowed (Photoshop Express is available to people on UK ISPs, although the dropdown when registering is limited to the US for some reason, and you need to know that Shift-2 is where the @ sign is on US keyboards. Photoshop Express is well worth playing with incidentally, and I hear that Flickr will shortly be joining Facebook, Picasa and Photobucket on the affiliated sites list). I would drop John an email noting this, but I don’t have his email address, and while I could guess it, I couldn’t be certain.
Of course we can all have fun with comments. Yesterday I posted about some poor experiences I’d had at Cineworld when going to see The Orphanage. I had a fairly aggressive commentator as a result – I suspect someone who works for the company. I’m happy to let that comment through and reply to it. But I’m also quite happy to delete comments that I don’t want appearing on my site. It’s my site and my blog, and I’ll determine what appears here!