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BBC Three Sitcoms

There’s a fun “debate” over at The Guardian about whether or not Pulling is actually better than the much feted Gavin & Stacey.
I like them both. I missed out on Gavin & Stacey initially, for the most part because it’s on the demented BBC Three which, as you probably know, I’m a massive fan of. But then BBC Two ran the whole first series one Saturday night, and I warmed to it immediately, watching all the episodes back to back.
Pulling is just riotous fun, with believable characters – albeit at the extreme of things.
I’m not sure about the wisdom of running the two back to back for the past few Sunday evenings. Gavin & Stacey is much the safer sitcom, and frankly could be running on BBC One or BBC Two. Pulling is edgier fare, and the lower ratings it has been attaining reflect that. You could just about watch Gavin & Stacey with your mum. I’m not sure she’d appreciate Pulling as much.
Still all this pales into insignificance as we learn that Two Pints of Lager… has been recommissioned…