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A Bit Of Audio To Listen To

I’ve heard a few really entertaining media related pieces of audio in the last couple of days.
The first is a Daily Mayo podcast from last week when Gabby Logan was sitting in for Simon Mayo. She was interviewing ITV Executive Chairman, Michael Grade.
Unfortunately, because it was last week, and the BBC only keeps their podcasts alive for a week, it’s no longer there. But fear not – readers of adambowie.com can listen in using the player below (at least until someone gets annoyed and tells me not to).
In the interview Logan gave Grade a really robust grilling and covered pretty much all the ITV issues of the day. I’d say that he gave a fairly full and frank account of himself. It’s all well worth a listen.

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The other great piece of audio is a recording of Tim Robbins keynote speech from the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas on Monday. Robbins being Robbins he didn’t bother sticking to the topic he was supposed to be talking about, but instead gets into the moral turpitude of much of the media today. It’s actually a very funny speech.

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(It’s a bit lo-fi I’m afraid, but then it was obviously recorded on a dictaphone or something. There’s another version here (via Graham Linehan) in case the one above breaks).
Finally, not a piece of audio, but an interesting piece from The Guardian about Global Radio’s recent announcement that Heart and Galaxy will be networking much more in the future. Broadly speaking, they’re going to maximise the amount of networking they can do under the recent changes to the rules regarding local programming announced by Ofcom. It’s fair to say that we expect to see much more of this in the future.
[NB. Some readers, especially those who see this blog’s RSS feed, may have seen an “early version” of this entry a day or so ago. This subsequently disappeared while I sorted a couple of technical issues out. These have been resolved now.]