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Mediaguardian 100

Like all those interminable list programmes which Channel 4 doesn’t seem to run quite as often as it once did, Mediaguardian today published its list of the Media Top 100 2008.
Of course it’s largely designed to rile large numbers of the actual people in the list who are lower than they believe that they should be and to cause the rest of us to loudly condemn the list.
The criteria used is thus:
A panel of experienced media watchers from the worlds of politics, journalism, advertising and the internet judged entrants using three criteria: cultural influence, economic clout and political power of all candidates.
It’s not really bothered getting too wound up by the list but I will say this: I liked Gavin and Stacey as much as the next person, but that’s not enough to put James Corden and Ruth Jones into the list. They’ve written two series of a sitcom and that’s it. Their next projects obviously will get commissioned regardless, but then so will those of Russell T Davies (31), Stephen Fry (54) and Jeremy Clarkson (58).
Then there’s the dominance of newspapers – seemingly every national editor is noteworthy from the biggest selling paper The Sun (3,089,321 daily) to The Independent (233,973). Yet Andy Parfitt, controller of Radio 1 (11,067,000 weekly) does not make list. So despite running a station that’s only marginally less popular than Lesley Douglas’ network (19), he’s not worthy. And the less said about Katie Price on the list the better.