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Please Apple – Do Something

No – this isn’t yet another post about the release of a new mobile phone. This is far more important. This is about Apple’s iPods.
Actually, it’s not even really about that. You see love or loathe Apple, broadly speaking the iPod is a great device. It does the job it was designed for simply and effortlessly. It’s a joy to use. But it has one fatal flaw – an almost unforgivable flaw. It comes with the most useless headphones imaginable.
How dare you package your pride and joy with such a useless set of audio accoutrements to listen to your music with.
I’ve owned two iPods so far, and both times I basically threw away the unwanted headphones without even unpacking them. Instead I’ve bought Sony and Sennheiser earbuds to get decent sound into my head. But it’s not actually even the poor quality audio that is the worst crime of Apple (although that’s pretty bad).
No, it’s the fact that they leak so much!
This is a failure that actually affects non-iPod (or indeed other mp3 or audio devices) more than it does Apple’s customers. If you have the misfortune to sit on public transport somewhere near somebody listening to their iPod with the original Apple accessories then you have my pity. It’s not fair on us! I listen to my iPod a lot travelling to and from work. But sometimes I don’t wear it. Yet if my neighbour is listening to their iPod with their Apple headphones then I’m faced with either singing along to their song (might as well – I can hear all the words), or more likely being forced into wearing my own headphones to block out their racket (you can bet your bottom dollar that the music they’re listening to is not to your tastes).
This is your fault Apple. Seemingly you’re selling lots of Macs, iPhones and iPods at the moment. So please put some decent non-leaky headphones into their packs or Steve Jobs name goes to the top of my list for first up against the wall come the revolution.