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Sites Having Problems (Like Flickr right now)

Earlier today, someone on an email group I’m in asked if everyone was having trouble with a specific site or whether it was just him. Quick as a flash he was directed to downforeveryoneorjustme.com which does exactly what it says on the proverbial tin.
So when I came to look at Flickr a few minutes ago, I wondered if I’d immediately get a chance to try it out. But the site was working yet not all the images were showing – indeed I was seeing hardly any of them.
Twitter to the rescue! Search Twitter for Flickr (they bought Summize yesterday!) and hey presto:
has the flickr database gone down??!!??!?!???!?!?!
Flickr is down
what’s wrong with flickr? farm4 blocked?
What’s up w flickr? I can’t view any image that isn’t already in my browser cache. Something down @ yahoo? Bah.
and flickr appears to be somewhat hosed.
anyone noticed any problems with flickr today?
Flickr is being very naughty right now.

And so on.
So I guess it’s broken, or at least farm4 is.