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Far too much has been written about Kerry Katona and her behaviour on This Morning a couple of days ago. I can’t be bothered to go into it, and if she is ill, I’m not about to link to YouTube clips of her being ill on national television. That’s despite whatever I might think about someone who lives their life in Heat and Zoo magazines. If you feel that your interviewee is not fully with it, curtail the interview and either go to a pre-recorded piece or a commercial break. Don’t dwell on it.
But I think some of the post-rationalisation has been interesting. First of all we had Philip Schofield defending himself and ITV on Chris Moyles because she’d actually arrived at the studio really late.
I don’t doubt that Schofield is an honourable man, but I find ITV claiming to care about Katona’s welfare somewhat questionable when my weekly ITV.com email dropped in my inbox today:
“Watch Kerry Katona on This Morning…” said the subject line.
“Watch Kerry’s dramatic interview.
“Kerry Katona caused a stir on This Morning this week.
“Did you see the controversial interview? Watch it and see what all the fuss was about.”
For which read: it’s not fair that YouTube gets all the traffic. We want some of that action.
That’s clearly the most important thing happening on ITV this week, because it’s the only headline story on the email.
I expect that even now, executives are eagerly poring over their analytic programs seeing what kind of uplift the Katona footage has had.