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TV Remakes

We seem to be going through a significant period of remakes at the moment. Actually, that’s a little unfair as television has always remade successful programmes. How many Agatha Christies or Robin Hoods have we had over the years? And when isn’t there another Austen, Dickens or Hardy production on the cards?
But recently we’ve had a remake of Survivors for which the jury’s still out in my view, and now we hear that The Day of the Triffids is also being remade.
I’ve not seen the original version of Terry Nation’s Survivors, but I’m told that it’s broadly the same story as the remake. But Survivors is obviously already following in the footsteps of 28 Days/Weeks Later and even Dead Set. A plague/virus/flu has spread and there are few humans left.
The Day of the Triffids, based on the novel by John Wyndham, the story has already been made into an enjoyable TV series as well as a good radio dramatisation. There’s also a film version that I’ve not seen from the early sixties. I suppose I’m a little concerned that it’s being made by Power, who’s recent Crusoe leaves a little to be desired, and their Flood was simply appalling. Still we’ll wait and see.
I suppose the timing is what’s a little off, with this version coming so soon after Survivors. Perhaps some rights were about to expire?
Mind you, another curious remake perhaps coming soon is a BBC/Showtime reimagining of Camelot. Isn’t there already a Camelot series running on the BBC? Ah, but this is a contemporary retelling – so it’ll be a bit different.
But the remake I’m really looking forward to seeing is the ITV remake of The Prisoner with Sir Ian McKellan. I’ve only just discovered there’s a blog covering its production, which has now nearly finished.
It’s due sometime in 2009 and I for one can’t wait.