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Voting Fun

If Strictly adopted the US voting system as I’d advocated, then it’s incredibly unlikely this weekend’s incident would have occurred.
This isn’t, of course, important. Votes placed will still go to viewers’ favourite dancers. So everyone who’s saved the BBC or Ofcom’s phone numbers on speed dial to complain at the drop of a hat should probably take a close look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves why they actually voted for the programme.
I heard some fool of a woman on the radio saying that she wasn’t going to watch the final next weekend because she was so upset!
So she’s willing to watch the first 13 weeks, but a 15p vote that will still count is enough to make her not want to watch the show? (And she’s so upset, that she got up really early this morning to head to a studio in W12). As William Shatner once said, “Get a life!”