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Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler

You do watch Flight of the Conchords don’t you?
What do you mean, you’ve been meaning to? Stop wasting your time on the internet and either go and look it up on YouTube, or better still go and get the DVDs of the first series right now (and the Radio 2 series, and the album).
As well as Jemaine and Brett, the series features a fantastic set of secondary characters – especially Rhys Darby’s manager Murray, and Kristen Schaal’s somewhat stalker-ish and not to say psychotic fan, Mel.
Schaal has a wonderful face for some extraordinary expressions, so when I read the other week that she was appearing with fellow comic Kurt Braunohler, I had to get tickets.
What a brilliant night. I really just can’t begin to describe the bizarre and eccentric nature of the show. We got a play in reverse chronological order: Double Down Hearts. There was phone sex featuring Pocahontas, and a remarkable song featuring the unforgettable lyric (with accompanying dance): Kirsten Schaal is a horse. There’s some terrifically uncomfortable sections, not least the member of the audience who wins a date with Schaal.
All round, it’s brilliant. I suspect it’s thoroughly sold out, but do see these two next time you have the opportunity. I know I will.