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One More Moan…

Given the general lack of science programmes on TV, it’s a bit of a shame that when they do come along – they clash.
Last night Horizon returned with an edition entitled “Why Are Thin People Not Fat” (I’ll just leave that there…) while at the same time on BBC Four we had the first in a season of Darwin programmes – What Darwin Didn’t Know.
OK – I realise that the BBC Four programme will get about fifteen repeats across the week, although sod’s law says that the edition I record will have signing. And at time of looking Horizon is going to be available on the iPlayer for just another 84 days!
Sense prevails next week when Horizon moves to Tuesday nights.
And while I’m talking about television science, what happened to the popular BBC 1 science programme that we were due?
In the meantime, the BBC has announced some bigger science programmes: History of Science, Seven Wonders of the Solar System and Professor Regan’s… [insert one of four subjects here].