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At The Top of the BT Tower

This evening I was invited to a presentation at the BT Tower, followed by a dinner at the top of the tower in their famous revolving restaurant. This is closed to the public, and it was exciting to get a chance to go up there.
Sadly, today probably wasn’t the best day to go up.
09 February 2009
There was a quickly descending fog which meant significantly reduced visibility, and of course it was pouring with rain too. So the above photo is about the best I got from up there. I couldn’t even tell you which direction I was looking in when I took it.
The following photo gives you an idea about just how bad the conditions were.
BT Tower on Dark Stormy Night
I must go on the London Eye again at some point, as my sole visit was also on a foggy evening, and you could barely see Big Ben just across the river.
Oh… and the restaurant in the BT Tower did revolve!