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1-0 Up

England finished off a great victory this morning (well technically, this afternoon) at Lords. And you’ll just have to watch it on Five this evening – or on news bulletins.
Great coverage from Sky: and they even opened up their Sky Player to all Sky Sports subscribers for a couple of months – something I wish they’d make permament (It did fall over for the crucial final wicket though).
But I think David Mitchell in yesterday’s Observer makes my feelings on the matter clear – if they weren’t already:
Why did the ECB make this insane choice? For money. It forgot about building on Test cricket’s growing popularity after 2005’s triumph, about keeping it a presence in our national life on a channel people receive automatically, and it took a big cheque. It’s as if it was getting out of cricket – selling up for a fast buck, taking the money and running. But it can’t run – it’s English cricket’s governing body – so it’s left holding the money while it stares at the diminished popularity and, therefore, significance, of English cricket as a result of its actions.