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The Ashes

On Sunday I was at my parents – who are retired – as the conclusion of the first test was reached in the unlikeliest of manners. England hung on to claim a draw. A friend even texted me to make sure that I was watching.
It was nail-biting stuff, but I wasn’t watching on Sky as my father doesn’t subscribe to it. Instead we found ourselves staring at a scorecard on BBC Interactive while listening to Test Match Special.
I thought about this as I read this piece by David Conn in The Guardian.
I won’t run through my reasons about why the ECB is doing its level best to destroy the future of cricket in this country. But the distribution of that Sky money is interesting, and we all know that interest in the game, Twenty20 notwithstanding, is likely to decline.
Yes Ashes series will sell out. But few enough people could tell you more than three names in the current England team.