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My Christmas Radio 4

I’ve put together more than a few annotated pages of the Radio Times in the past, and of course I have the new Christmas issue by my side at all times for the next fortnight.
So I was pleased to see Steve Bowbrick at Radio 4 collecting together the highlights of some its presenters over the next couple of weeks starting today with Kirsty Young.
In a break from my regular tradition of looking at television rather than radio, and looking at a day at a time, I’ve complied with Radio 4’s and present a list of genuine Christmas highlights:
Click on the pictures to make them more legible or read what I’ve said underneath them:
21 December: The Infinite Monkey Cage and I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue
21 Dec 09
22 December: MR James at Christmas
22 Dec 09
25 December: A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.
25 Dec 09
26 December: Archive on 4: Doctor Who: The Lost Episodes
26 Dec 09
27 December: Desert Island Discs: David Tennant
27 Dec 09
28 December: The Unbelievable Truth
28 Dec 1 of 2
28 December: Book at Bedtime: The True Deceiver
28 Dec 2 of 2
1 Jan: New Year’s Day Concert from Vienna
01 Jan 10 1 of 2
1 Jan: More or Less
01 Jan 10 2 of 2