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Science on Trial

If you’re quick, there’s still a chance to hear last week’s Radio 4 programme Science on Trial.
With enormous topicality, it examined some of the very concerning legal cases that have been brought in British courts surrounding use of libel laws to restrict scientific debate, and effectively silence some of those who otherwise promote remedies for which there are significant questions of efficacy.
This came to a head yesterday when Simon Singh appeared in the High Court in front of three of the most senior appeals judges in the country. He’s fighting a libel action brought by the British Chiropractic Association, after he authored a piece in The Guardian nearly two years ago.
If you ever actually visit my site (and aren’t just seeing it in an RSS reader), you’ll have perhaps noticed the link to Sense About Science. This is an important freedom that we need to fight for.
If you haven’t already, you really need to do a few things.
First of all – sign this petition for the reform of this country’s unjust libel laws. Even today’s Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee report highlights the injustice of this.
Go on – do it now.
For more background on the Simon Singh case, you can do no worse than read the Jack of Kent blog. He has a nice summary of events to date here, and a report on yesterday’s procedings here.
Simon Singh had penned a piece in the Daily Telegraph prior to yesterday’s appearance, and there was also a good primer in The Times.
Or listen to the programme linked to above.