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Discarded Toys and Books

Yesterday I was out in a local country park, and came across this sorry sight.
Aside from wondering why someone felt the need to dump all their unwanted books and toys in a ditch rather than, say, a recycling bin or even a regular dustbin, I thought this was a bit of a sorry sight.
And that person might have been surprised about what some of this “bounty” would get on eBay.
Discarded Toys and Books-1.jpg
Various annuals and books from the 70s and 80s dumped in a ditch. A Doctor Who annual peeks out from behind “Sci-Fi Now.”
Discarded Toys and Books-2.jpg
“Proton Pack” tie-in toy from “The Real Ghostbusters” series.
Discarded Toys and Books-3.jpg
"The Saint" annual with Roger Moore on the cover alongside Rupert the Bear and other annuals.
Discarded Toys and Books-4.jpg
A single (Columbia), the same annuals as before, and an Airfix box.
The photo quality’s not great as they’re from my phone’s camera. And they were in a ditch. And it was raining which means that they books were all soaked through so not worth salvaging!
But a sad sight.