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Robin Hood

I saw this while I was away recently, and somehow neglected to note it here (mind you – I’ve been going to the cinema so infrequently recently, this isn’t entirely surprising). I suspect that the real reason that I’d not got around to mentioning Robin Hood thus far is that I’d completely forgotten that I’d seen it.
Even now, as I think hard about it, I can’t really remember a great deal about it.
Unlike some, the one thing that I didn’t really worry too much about, it was Crowe’s accent. That might be because I saw it in a cinema in Oban where the sound possibly wasn’t the finest on the planet. But mostly, it was because it’s Russell Crowe, and his voice is so deep, he could be adopting a Russian accent and you’d hardly notice.
I’m a Ridley Scott fan, and to be honest, this film is fine. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. It just really doesn’t hold you. There were a number of children in the cinema where I was watching, but they were in and out to the toilet like yo-yos, and I think that’s largely because they were losing interest.
Cate Blanchett’s subplot was dull. The Sheriff of Nottingham barely features, and only really Mark Strong’s villainous Godfrey was a strong character.
In many respects, it reminds me more of Kingdom of Heaven rather than Gladiator. And that’s probably not a good thing.
PS. If you’ve been seeing some odd “Test” entries appearing in this blog, it’s because I’ve been upgrading to Movable Type version 5 and that invariably means I have to try to fix stuff after I’ve broken it.