Ed Reardon Live

In the last week or so, two different audio “things” that I’ve really enjoyed have stopped being published.
William Gallagher has hung up his microphone on the UK DVD Review podcast and I’m going to miss it immensely.
Meanwhile the chaps over at Speechification have also decided that they’re going to need to call it a day. They curated some wonderful speech radio.
While I’m neither about to take up the challenge of reviewing DVDs for a podcast, nor archive some of the best radio that you probably missed, I will point anyone here who’s interested in the direction of An Audience With Ed Reardon. Broadcast yesterday on Radio 4, and recorded live at this year’s Edinburgh Festival, it features our favourite down-on-his-luck writer taking us through his oeuvre with the help of two actors who Reardon is disappointed to discover don’t bring quite the gravitas that Rodney Bewes and Paula Wilcox might have done.
And the excellent news is that we have a new series of Ed Reardon’s Week coming in the new year.
Anyway, in the meantime you have fewer than six days to listen again, so I suggest you do so.