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Sky’s Ratings

Since it’s buried away a little on Sky’s website, it’s worth pointing those interested in TV ratings towards a piece that Sky One’s Stuart Murphy has written about ratings for his shows. He illustrates the breakdown of viewership of an episode of the recent Mad Dogs (“Brilliantly disgraceful” wouldn’t be my description. “Perfectly entertaining, if ultimately a little disappointing” would be my view).
Nonetheless, he makes the excellent point that overnights are largely pointless, with just 817,000 of its seven day 2.2m total viewership coming from its live premiere. I watched the series, and saw all four parts on delay. Indeed I may even have watched an episode beyond the seven day window.
I do think it’s a little disingenuous to say that nobody at Sky looks overnights though. Sport is all about live viewing, so the number of people who watched Man Utd last night will be critical to Sky. However I’m certain that aside from on very rare occassions, live viewing is irrelevant to Sky One and certainly the “box set” audience of Sky Atlantic.
Oh, and I do like the way that Sky’s charts are in the style of their EPG. Very nice.