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Seagull 4B-1 TLR

Seagull 4B-1
A couple of weeks ago, I dipped into the medium format world of a twin lens reflex camera. Namely a Chinese Seagull 4B-1. It’s very much an entry level camera.
I’ve now run about three rolls of film through it, and you can see some of the results below:

The first set includes a little street photography, but it’s basically all about learning how to even use the camera. As most of my film experience has been on relatively basic cameras, the idea of having to decide both the shutter speed and aperture without any guidance at all was slightly scary. I must admit to pulling out my G10 and using that to give an idea. Essentially, it became an expensive meter.

For better or for worse, neither of these sets has any processing applied.
I must admit that of the films I’ve shot so far, those using a two year out of date Fuji Superia 100 are my favourites. The cross-processed pictures seem to leave something to be desired.
And although it might not be clear at this resolution, I scanned the first set in myself, whereas the second set was scanned professionally (at relatively low resolution – so I might need to rescan for prints). I mention this only because I patently didn’t do it in a dust-free environment.