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Source Code

I very much enjoyed Moon, Duncan Jones debut film from 2009.
Source Code is his follow up and it’s great that he’s stuck to his guns and made another film in a very similar vein. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Captain Coller Stevens, a member of the military. He suddenly finds himself in another man’s body on a commuter train heading into Chicago. But there’s a bomb on the train and he along with everyone else is blown up and killed.
Then he’s dropped back eight minutes, and he’s able to relive his time again, this time attempting to solving the crime. And repeat…
It’s a smart little idea that plays out very neatly as Stevens attempts various ways of finding out who’s planted the bomb, and saving (or not) the passengers on board. It feels, in large part, like a science fiction short story.
The film comes in at around 90 minutes, and it’s all well handled with a satisfactory conclusion. I’ll say no more about that here, except to say that you get from it what you want from it.
Comparisons with Inception are understandable, but unfair. That’s a different kind of film. Well worth checking out.