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The Unthanks

You can only hope that the current Unthanks’ tour must surely be coming to an end very soon. Their website suggest a few days time.
The reason I say that is that Rachel Unthank is currently very heavily pregnant!
She and her sister Becky shared the singing duties last week at The Junction in Cambridge in a set that was built to a certain extent around their recently released album, Last.
The Unthanks are from the North East and make the most of their heritage in their music, seeking out old songs from the area as well as writing new ones.
The last time I saw them, they were playing at Latitude last year early on during the day on the main stage. I must admit that their music was fairly lost in the surroundings (this year, Bellowhead are playing the festival circuit and I wonder if they’ll work better).
But in the intimate confines of The Junction with a seated audience it worked a lot better. And their support band, The Trembling Bells, were pretty decent too.