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Lies, Damned Lies…

A YouGov/Sunday Times poll reveals that 6 Music would be the station most people would choose to close down to help the BBC achieve spending cuts.
There are one or two problems with this:
– In the survey, the station was named “BBC Radio 6” rather than “BBC 6 Music”. A small but important detail, since listeners to the station might know it better by its actual name.
– Of the radio stations listed, 6 Music has far fewer listeners than any of the others. And as YouGov notes in commentary 6 Music is the only station that’s digital only. In other words, when asked to nominate a channel for closure, the public chose the service they were most likely never to have listened to. Not terrifically surprising.
– According to last week’s BBC Annual Report, 6 Music costs £10.8m a year to run. In the grand scheme of things that’s going to make little to no difference, and is about one quarter the cost of the next cheapest service on the YouGov/Sunday Times list.
Lies, damned lies and statistics.
Story via Media UK