Phone-Hacking Media Talk

Last night I spent a fascinating hour at a “live” recording of The Guardian’s Media Talk podcast, presented by Matt Wells, in a packed room with somewhere around 100 Guardian readers in attendance. It was devoted completely to the hacking scandal, and featured some of the key players in the case including Nick Davies, the journalist who’s been working doggedly at this for at least the last two years, and his Editor-in-Chief, Alan Rusbridger.
Also there were Jane Martinson, formerly editor of Media Guardian, and who’d spent the previous day in the committee room alongside Davies watching the Murdochs give testimony (at least until that idiot’s utter stupidity meant that the media lost focus, and members of the public – including all the journalists – were thrown out of the meeting room), and Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland, who pointed out that the editor of his series of thrillers under his alternative identity, author Sam Bourne, would have rejected all the twists and turns that this affair has seen in just the last two weeks.
Anyway, the podcast of this is already up, and it’s really worth a listen, even if you’re beginning to feel that you might have OD’d on the whole subject.



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