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Bellowhead at the Roundhouse

Bellowhead - Roundhouse Nov 2012-9
I think Bellowhead is probably my favourite live band. They’ve just started a new tour, and last night it reached the wonderful Roundhouse in Camden.
Cue lots of dancing, jigging, and a bit of polka on the floor of the Roundhouse.
Watching Bellowhead makes you think that them going on tour is probably like throwing a large party each night. I’m certain I’d find it exhausting. And there are so many instruments on stage from fiddles to a full range of brass, but they all add to a wonderful sound that is superb of CD, but utterly brilliant live. I know they’ve played a few festivals recently, but seeing them at indoor venues where the music doesn’t drift away is definitely the way forward. Go and see them.
I should add that I really enjoyed the support band – Mama Rosin from Switzerland. I shall be checking out their music.
(I’d heartily concur with this Guardian review of last night’s show).
Bellowhead - Roundhouse Nov 2012-7
Bellowhead - Roundhouse Nov 2012-10
A few more pictures here.