Ignoring The Leveson Obvious

As stupid politics ruins a perfectly good, and vitally necessary libel reform bill, I again get back into the quagmire that is Leveson reforms.
Her Majesty’s Press sitting there refusing to have any kind of legislation oversee them, while Leveson seems to have done his best to work around this issue.
But it all feels like it’s completely missing the point. While some kind of “All New PCC” is formulated there used to be the “Desmond Question” – would Express proprietor join the new organisation. We’re told he will be in the “All New PCC”.
Yet this is all absurdly parochial.
The business of news and journalism has changed irrevocably.
And the vast majority of the internet will not be part of the “All New PCC.”
Why are there absurd distinctions between what is and isn’t the Press™?
The future is surely not going to be made of organisations that are “Registered at the Post Office” as a newspaper. So while the Mail Online might be signed up, what about other entertainment news websites based in the US? What about news outlets with no paper equivalent? What about the humble blog? Some of these do carry real news. They conduct investigations. They produce long form journalism.
From a consumer perspective, these are all the same and interchangeable in a connected 21st century. It’s just that the new outlets never had an office in Fleet Street, and weren’t delivered on dead Scandinavian trees.
So frankly, I don’t actually care what HMP decides is or isn’t right for it.
It’s everything else. If a website hacks my email (phones are so passé) where do I go to? That’s what I’m going to need to know?
PS And if you think I’m completely wrong about all this, then I’d really love to know


. So do tell.