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CNN Pieces

Over the weekend, CNN published an interesting US-focused series entitled “The future of music radio” that looked at the current state of play in US music radio.
While the US is very different market to the UK, it would be very complacent of the UK radio industry to completely write off what’s happening there.
Do you remember rock ‘n’ roll radio? – Takes a pretty broad look at the challenges facing radio, and the changes that have been made.
The kings of the radio: All-time great DJs – “US” is missing from the headline, although this is a US site. But a useful primer of who has gone before in American radio.
Radio’s last stand – Some audio to accompany the other pieces looking at one of the few major market stations that isn’t part of a big group.
Who needs radio? I’ll take the Web – Something nobody in radio wants to read. This isn’t always true for everyone. But it’s true for some.
Clear Channel chief: Technology ‘an opportunity, not a risk’ – An interview with Bob Pitman of Clear Channel.
Photos: A dose of independent radio.
You may agree with some of this. You may disagree. But it’s worth a read anyway.
And while I’m linking to US radio sites, there was also a very interesting piece examining audio meter usage in the US and contrasting it with things like FitBits and Jawbones – those little tracker meters that you carry around to measure your activity. Given that it’s in your own interest to carry the meter to measure your walking and so on, it’s scary how little people truly do carry them. The authors wonder whether this is indicative of how many radio hours are being “missed” with people meters.